18 October 2011

5 idioms with 'above'

Bidouillé par Ret
Idiom Meaning Example
a notch above a little higher in quality (than sb or sth) "This provider is a notch above others in terms of pricing."
above the law not having to obey or follow rules and regulations "Nobody should be above the law. Not even the president!"
above one's head too difficult for someone to understand, to comprehend "I'll take my car to the garage tomorrow. Reapairing it is above my head!"
over and above in addition to, on top of, besides "We'll need another 562€ over and above what we already have."
above board fair, without corruption, in the open "The negotiations were open and above board."
funny money counterfeit money, money that has been printed illegally "They say he was caught trying to pay with funny money."

Determine what the answer should be, then click to check if you're right.

  1. en sus de
  2. honnête, réglo
  3. ça me dépasse
  4. monnaie de singe
  5. un cran au dessus
  6. au dessus des lois

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