18 October 2011

5 idioms with 'red'

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Idiom Meaning Example
in the red having the situation of spending more money than
you've earned
"Their company found itself about €1.6
million in the red."
red tape unnecessary official rules which make things
happen very slowly
"Because of red tape, it took two weeks to get a
to catch sb red-handed to catch sb in the act of doing a crime, usually a
"They caught her red-handed taking money out of
the cash box"
roll out the red carpet greet sb with great respect, give a big
"When the king visits, they always roll out the
red carpet."
red-eye any flight departing late at night and arriving
early the next morning
"Red-eye flights connect western cities to east
coast cities."
a notch above a little higher in quality (than sb or sth) "This provider is a notch above others in terms of

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  • recevoir qn en grande pompe
  • vol de nuit
  • prendre qqn la main dans le sac
  • un cran au-dessus
  • paperasse, chinoiseries administratives
  • à découvert




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