17 October 2011

5 Money Idioms

Bidouillé par Ret
Idiom Meaning Example
deep pockets sb (or sth) with deep pockets has a lot of money "My business is failing. I need a friend with deep pockets to help me."
loan shark sb who lends money to people and charges high interest rates "The bank won't lend me money, so I have to see a loan-shark."
go Dutch share the cost of a meal or something done together "We decided to go Dutch because the restaurant was rather expensive."
in the black making money, profitable, not in the red "Our firm has been in the black since last year. Before then we were in the red."
funny money counterfeit money, money that has been printed illegally. "They say he was caught trying to pay with funny money."
big cheese an important person, a leader "She's a big cheese in this company, so you should be nice to her."

Determine first what the answer should be, then click to check if you're right.

  1. usurier
  2. solvable
  3. disposer de beaucoup d'argent
  4. partager les frais
  5. monnaie de singe
  6. gros bonnet, grosse légume

OK, I'm done with this lesson. I'm forwarding it to someone else.


  1. Hi Ret, good vocab, but the quiz has only one (the right one) answer for each question. Did you mean to put in more than one answer?
    Hope you're doing well, old friend!

    Dan (O'Donnell)

  2. Dan,
    I'm doing well and know you are, too. The idea is to imagine what the right answer is before clicking to check it.


    I might have to change that quiz as this is the third message I've gotten today about it.

    Cheers to you and hope to see you soon over a glass of something


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