20 October 2011

5 idioms with 'low'

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Idiom Meaning Example
low-cost not expensive "We're taking a low-cost flight to Tunisia next summer."
low-tech not using the most recent equipment or methods "Yes, this product is simple, low-tech, but quite efficient."
at a low ebb in a bad or weak state "Consumer confidence has been at a low ebb for a while."
low-hanging fruit things that are easy to obtain or achieve "In order to succeed, we need to first get the low-hanging fruit."
low-key not intended to attract a lot of attention "Our wedding will be quite a low-key affair."
red tape unnecessary official rules which make things happen very slowly "Because of red tape, it took two weeks to get a visa."

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  1. (de type) traditionnel

  2. lenteur de l'administration

  3. les tâches/buts simples

  4. économique, bon marché

  5. aller mal

  6. modeste et discrète


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OK, I'm done with these idioms. I'm forwarding them to someone else.

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